The Papillonstore site was born from two Sicilian cousins.

They propose:

Made in Italy craftsmanship

Papillonstore is characterized by its products handmade and in Italy, proposing the famous Papillon as an alternative accessory, renewing it with modern technologies while maintaining style and elegance. This is how the Wood, Cork and famous cloth bow ties are born.

The choice of fabrics is important, for this reason we use only Italian fabrics. The fabric bow ties are entirely made by our seamstresses, who with care and passion give life to unique patterns and models.

Wooden models respect the environment.

Some are made by our artisans entirely by hand, others are laser-ecited with patterns designed by designers and completed by our seamstresses. The production chain is complex, but we are able to meet the needs of all our customers, whether they are private or resellers.

To date, the shop has more than 19000 customers and 142 retailers throughout Italy who have chosen our products.

We try to be very professional, for this reason we have activated several emails for assistance or information, a phone number always active, and a live chat for real-time assistance.

In August 2019 to improve customer satisfaction, we partnered with the Trustpilot online review community so we could gather our customers' opinions.